More Appealing Website Design can Increase Your Sales upto 100%

Website Design

The online business industry is growing very fast day by day. 

Everybody now searching and ordering their stuff or services online, for that reason online business comes into play.

To enter into this online business game, you must have or need a website.

Because the Website is the face of your business, it helps to create trust and reliability. 

A well-designed website is one of the most important tools for your business to grow. Every aspect of your website, from your home page to usability and 

Website Design should start with the appearance that should be designed properly so that it maximizes the user experience. 

Note: Poor website design can decrease your business.

When someone visits a website, it gives them their first impression and also the idea about the business. They can judge the business through the website within seconds. You have to utilize the initial few seconds to make a good impression on visitors.

Website Design

An unappealing and outdated website creates a bad impact on your business.

They will drive to your competitor’s page and you will miss the lead. 

Web design is really necessary in today’s digital world because it depicts how your brand. .

The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business 


leave your page and turn to a competitor. 

A good website design helps you to get a boost in your business.

To get Good web design make sure:

Optimize the website load speeds: 

If the visitors/customers are experiencing the poor design and slow load speeds, they are surely going to leave.

Because no one has the patience to wait and buy, nowadays the attention span of a user is very less

Make sure your website should be load within 3-5secs

Otherwise, you will lose your customer

website page load speed

A one-second delay in page load time will cost you:

· 11% fewer page views

· 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

· 7% loss in conversions

A few extra seconds could have a huge impact on your business, also you may lose up to 100%

This means the fast site is not only important to rank on google, also in your business its give a huge result

Optimize the website for mobile access

These days almost everyone owns a mobile phone and they access the internet through the phone. Before building a website design plan, make sure it should be optimized for mobile users also. 

Don’t focus only on the computer or laptop users. 

The website design must be responsive as well. 

The website needs to be designed to visually adjust to the size and shape of the device screen wherever it appears. 

The search engine algorithms rank the sites first, which are more user-friendly for mobile users as well as computer users also.

Optimize the website for mobile access

 Improve the landing page design of your website: 

If your business has an aim for the rapid growth of sales, then focus on the landing pages of your website.

Landing page design also play a good role in a website design

Other hand Landing page helps s customers to understand :

  1. What is the product
  2. Features of the product
  3. How they can get benefit from that product
  4. If they missed the offers/deals, what will they loose

An ideal website landing page should consist of a proper call to action, which makes it easy for the buyer to complete a purchase.

Improve the landing page of your website

Responsive design plays a important role in website design:  

The very first step to increasing sales through your website is to opt for a responsive design. 

Responsive design assure that the website accommodates to whatever device the audience uses. 

If the audience accesses your website on their mobile, the responsive design will allow the website to accommodate to fit the smaller screen of the mobile. Responsive design will make sure that audience will have the same experience on laptop or desktop.

 A good website design that is responsive enough can help to improve the sales rate for your business.

website responsive design

Create calls to action (CTAs) that highlights on the page: 

Website design can really increase the sales, stick to the calls to action. 

Whenever users find useful information on the website and look for the next step, they want CTAs to guide them. 

If the CTAs unable to guide the customer how to proceed, that will miss out on sales.

 Improve your sales rate with website design by adding CTAs that pop off on the page. 

By creating CTAs like “click here” , “click here to subscribe” and “Buy now” will engage the visitors with your website. It will increase the chances to click on them and leads to more sales. 

Use high-quality visuals in Website Design: 

Visuals are the most important part of a website design that keeps the audience engaged with the website.

 If your visuals, for example, product images, are very poor quality, the customer will unable to see those products properly. 

It will also create a bad impression of the product in the customer’s mind.

 Good quality visuals can help to affect the user experience in a good way. It can be graphics, photos, or videos.

Also high quality visual enhance your website designing

Use relatable images

To improve the design of your website, you have to incorporate related images as frequently as possible. 

The images you put on your website should also suitable for the content with which you post that.

It can improve the audience’s engagement and understanding of your brand. Remember you should not use the free and cheap image stock from Google or any other website, try to use your customized images.


Create simple and easy navigation

Simple and easy navigation is one of the easiest way to increase your online sales through a website. 

With a smooth and clear navigation bar at the top of the web page/website, this can guide visitors to find out the exact product that they want. 

When designing your website you must consider the importance of navigation. Easy Navigation helps Customers to move around your site easily and find anything as per their needs without confusion. 

The simple and easy navigation makes a great impact on your website in many ways. To design clear navigation, you should start by organizing the content into categories. It will save the audience from confusion.

Maintain the flow of consistency

When you targeting new leads for your brand, you must build up your brand first. You should get more familiar with your customer’s interest so can organize your pages accordingly. 

You have to use the same fonts, the same styles, and the same layouts on every page of your website. If you use different designs on any other page, that will gives your website an unprofessional look. If the website does not appear consistent, the audience will leave the website. That will decrease the audience engagement and it affects the sales rate on the negative side.

People can trust a well-designed website easy compared to poorly designed websites. If they see a poorly designed website contains outdated information, they won’t trust that website. In a different scenario, a premium and professional looking website gain the audience’s trust without much effort. This trust increases the sale and profit quickly.

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