Planning to create your website in WordPress? Check out these 6 logical reasons to do that.

Don’t have a high budget to hire a web developer or Don’t have any idea how to code but wants a very good website for your business?Then you have Good News for you.. WordPress technology  is there to solve these problems

And without code , you can also create a good website for your business

It is the most popular and simple way to start a blog or website.

It also know as a content management system or CMS.

It holds all the theme and tools to make your life easier

Here are the 6 logical reasons why WordPress is best:

1. It gives you freedom:


WordPress is open-source software, It means you can freely use the software in your project

you can freely download the theme/plugin to start your website, modify and install different tools .. also as per your requirement you can design your website without or almost writing not a single line of code.

Here theme helps you to start the website structure, Plugins helps you to insert or build extra functionality in your website

2. It is easy to customize:

Now a day lots of websites available in the market

so for customers website means good design better user interface and great content

To put all those in your website WordPress provides, you options to easily customize your website with various themes and plugins. WordPress themes have a lot of customization options, such as color-changing, logo uploading, background color, and many more. Also, you can install plugins for lots of functions in your website like chat, form etc..

so you don’t have to hire a coder or web programmer for your website to implement complex coding.

3. WordPress is very SEO friendly:

To rank your website in any search engine SEO is an important term … for that also WordPress has a solution

It is built with SEO friendly code and it can also create semantic markup. These things make WordPress able to get rank in search engine result page in Google or any other search engine. You can also take the help of WordPress SEO plugins like Rankmath for better rank on the search engine result page. For implement SEO function like onpage in your website you don’t have to write a code for it

4. It is safe to use:

Security is the main concern for every website … either you have a WordPress or a coding website… When it comes to WordPress, It is highly concerned about security, Security part completely taken care of by the WordPress site. WordPress also lots of plugins to secure the website in terms of security. Most users consider it as a secure and safe platform.

5. It supports different media types:

Media is the most important element in the website..It gives not only a good user experience also provides great clarity about the topics..In WordPress website it’s easy to implement Also WordPress is far beyond only text content, WordPress has an inbuilt media uploader to access images, video, and audio content.

6. It is very mobile friendly:

These days people are using the mobile device more than a computer, So you have to remember that your website should be mobile friendly Otherwise ready to lose more than 70% of your traffic because if the website is slow or unable to load properly in mobile your user are not gone a stay in your website. They will left soon because no one has that much patent To hold the audience make sure your WordPress website is mobile friendly. Also remember The themes of WordPress should support mobile devices and it should be mobile-friendly so that you can build a responsive design for your mobile users.


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