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Research shows that effective Teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement.

I believe this statement full heartedly, why most challenging part for a student is find your teacher

Everyone is struggling through this, nothing is different for me..not everyone is lucky to get a teacher like Deepak sir

I also learned digitalmarketing through online but its not upto the mark but when I started learning from Deepak sir

I believe everyone in this batch is excited ,

So I am also excited for the class2 but due to Nrc/Cab issue in my area they disconnected our internet for a while

So I missed my 2nd online class

What ever but I received the class recording so special thanks to Deepak sir

Here s the class started

As per the report we saw due to positive pressure the 1st assignment completion rate is also high and everyone is doing this with great excitement

So sir instructed us to switch off the mobile because “distraction is more harmful than drugs”

And due to distraction we loss important data that may helpful for the projects so I switched off the phone and class started

Imp point 1: “ learn then do what you learn than teach “

It’s a golden triangle for mastering any technique

To master this technique follow this steps

  • if you are learning something learn that properly
  • When you are done with learning/understanding the points/topics practice the same thing more and more
  • When you got expertized on this topic start teaching others
  • Through this your understanding will be going better and better

Imp point 2:  mistakes are future benefits

Lets continue the above story

When you started applying anything new which you  learned you will start making  mistakes …its common.

Through this mistakes you will learn .

This learning improve your experience and

through this experience you became expert on that field

and it will increase your value in the market

Lesson 1: Marketing skills

When you will start applying your skills in the market

The most important thing which required is marketing skills.

You will start noticing that good marketer have good conversation skill.

That means if you want to sell your product in the market or if you want to be a good marketer the 1st thing you have to do is expertise in your conversation skills

Now the question is that

How to master at conversation skills?

To master this skills you have to understand your customer mind.

Try to be authentic , people don’t like fake people or sales minded people.

They can sense it so try to be more authentic.

Start listing their problems and understand that.

If you have a large audience, try to talk 1 to 1 with them

Now how to talk 1 to 1?

If you want to talk 1 to 1,1st thing you have to do is not address them by good evening all  or hi how are you all .. do use words like “all” , it represents there is another person or bunch of person you are addressing

Try to narrow it like hi how are you, or if you are writing a email then write hi “customer name”, how are you? upto that , it feels you are only talking to him or special person

You have to focus only on one customers like you are only talking with him.

Try to connect with their mind,

Try to understand their problems…

Lesson 2: Who is better marketer?

You can not be a better marketer with a piece of a degree/certificate.

 Better marketer needs to understand their customer better for the sales with out understanding their pain points they can not sell their product/service.

So for be a better marketer you have to understand this through your experience

The people who have more experience they are the better marketer

You can use these following steps to be a better marketer

  • Travel: try to travel more it will help and grow your understanding , it will help to understand the demographic need s of the customer
  • Learn new language: it will help you connect with new people or the community and also you can touch their heart through this steps

Because everyone loves to see that someone trying to talk at their language,so  they love and trust you

  • Do new things: try to do new thing s all the time it will help you to grow your understanding through the mistakes and you can helps other also by guiding them

Lesson 3: who is your audience?

Everyone doing the same mistake to capture the whole market or targeting the whole market

For this reason they are unable to capture even a single niche

Rather than targeting full market initial day s we can follow this steps

  • Specify the topic which one your expert in
  • Then try to understand exactly what kind of service you can offer in your niche
  • Then try to find the problems in your targeted niche
  • Try to solve that pain point off your customers
  • Then automatically everyone will be your customer

Lesson 4:  how to define your targeted customer

The most important thing you have to remember is how to target your customer.

To expert tip is that you have to check their demographics and psychographics

Demographics will help you to understand their

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Marital status
  • Number of children (if any)
  • Occupation
  • Annual income
  • Education level
  • Living status (homeowner or renter)

Psychographics will help you to understand their

  • Their interest
  • What they love
  • Where they want to spend their most of the time
  • About their personality
  • Their values,
  • About their opinions,
  • About their attitudes
  •  lifestyle

through this you can easily get your customer data and you can sell your service as per their need

Lesson 5: connect with your customer

when it comes to sell, it s not a one time job you have to create a relationship with your customer not a business

so remember no one will remember you for a service they will remember you how well you connect with them

so you have to talk to single customer at a time, don’t try to address everyone it will automatically disconnect everyone

if you have a big audience , connect with them 1 to 1 by addressing by their name

communicate with by their mind level rather than just a normal conversation

Lesson 6: Email marketing is more powerful tool than social media

everyone right now targeting their custiomer on social media

they are providing lots of ads messages to their customer but these day the attention span of an average human is 12sec.

so it s a very little one due to this customers are unable to remember your message

to avoid this kind of mistakes focus on one important tool is called email

although email is older than social media but still it’s a effective one

through email you can address him by his 1st name and if you can write email like a personalizer email so it’s a bonus one

your customer will feel connected and they will remember you easily.

To write connective and attractive email

You have to write catchy headline, this will generate a curiosity to open and read the email,

That headline will follow the 1st line to start engaging your customer

Through 1st line customer will follow 2nd one like this you have to engage your customer till last line

This will only happen when you understand properly your customer and your article helping them to understand and solve their problem.

Lesson 7: Focusing on the centre

If you start focusing everyone , you will end up on no one

Better optimize and start targeting on the middle.

Through this you will only target to them who really need your service…

And it will help you to understand the pain point of your customer and solve the actual problem through full focus.

Bonus point: awkwardness is an indicator of learning.

If you are not feeling any awkwardness what you are doing that mean s still you are in comfort zone.

To grow you have to leave your comfort zone , that will create lot s of awkwardness

May be the situation will be not going according your planning,

You feel embarrass

It s completely ok…believe me your growing

This awkwardness is the sign that your learning and your leaving your comfort zone for your growth.

Challenge what you already know and  create new beliefs and way of thinking.

Another amazing class from Deepak sir, after learning choosing niche, understanding the market and your audience these is the 2nd class


  • Always follow 3 steps to master your skills
    • Learn> do> teach
  • Be Authentic
  • To be a better marketer you have to work on and master in your Communication skills
  • Properly Research of your audience
  • Better be a friends rather than salesman
  • Email have more power than social media
  • Focus on the centre rather than on the boarder
  • Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

So keep learning and keep improving yourself.

Thanks for reading till now, Here is surprise…

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