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Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak

“Riches are the Niches” this is the most inspiring line I heard in this class

This unlocks the whole understanding where I am lacking

Hi, I am Sandipan Mukherjee,

I am a computer science engineer after completing my course worked for 2companies almost 2 years without having any purpose  without understanding where I am going with this

Then I started realizing something is wrong in this plan ….so-called society s plan

I realized I am not interested in doing this but I have to do this due to some external pressure

Then I researched and found about digital marketing ,
started learning about digital marketing
from there I made my mind and started my digital marketing journey.
Here s how understanding comes

Learning 1: The psychology:

When I tried to understand what is psychology

I found this one in Google

“the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.”

Here is the thing I am lacking …

I am unable to understand what I want from my life…who I am I and what is the purpose of my life

Rather than believing in rumors or so-called rules, I started doing scientific research or understanding of my mind what I want

Then I realized I am someone who loves technology, very good at marketing and love to motivate and help others

So ADDING all the elements above I got



(data completely based upon my understanding…it may vary from others to others)

This is the things I want to do…so again here is my hero Introduction

Hi this is Sandipan Mukherjee

Engineer turned into a digital marketer.

Hardcore technologist and business lover.

Obsess for success and planning to help at least 100 people before next year

because I love to help and motivate others

so welcome to my world.”

 So here is the solution, rather than only focusing on digital marketing and clients

  • 1st understand yourself or psychology of your own
  • 2nd decide what you want to achieve
  • 3rd then target the customer and understand their minds
  • 4th understand what they want, what makes them happy

It will help you to make our journey smooth and creates a strong bond between your customers and you

Learning 2: Communication skills:

As a State board student, I have a lot of issues to speak and write English

My belief was if you are very good at English that means you are a very good communicator

But after this class, I realized communication skills are different from English speaking skills

They are completely opposite,

If you want to be a good communicator you have to know how to express your ideas and feelings effectively that’s all

For that, you don’t have to master in English or any other language


Find your comfortable speaking and communication language zone and start expressing your ideas and feelings

Believe me, you will be a master at it, through this you will acquire lots of customers

Everyone loves to communicate with you, no one in the market has time to see your English expertise

Don’t bother to start communicating..

Learning 3: Future of Digital marketing

Before comes to the topic, let’s understand what is Digital marketing

In one-liner definition as per me

“MARKETING using Digital medium”

The cost of traditional marketing is huge and higher in tv ads and banners

TV ads cost

The average cost of social media marketing

Social media average cost

Approx. per day 75-400rs/day…very affordable right?

Smartphone Usage Statistics:

  • 2.71 billion people in the world own a smartphone in 2019.
  • More than 5 billion people in the world own mobile devices.
  • Kids get their first mobile device around the age of 12.
  • 194 billion mobile phone apps were downloaded in 2019. 92% of Americans believe that cell phone addiction is real.
  • Two-thirds of the world is now connected via mobile devices.
  • Mobile owners worldwide will increase to 7.33 billion by 2023.

So which one you will choose traditional or digital?

comment down below..

Learning 4: Integrated Digital marketing:

Nowadays no one buys/purchase your product until you are a big brand

You have to connect with people at any cost

For this content marketing came into the picture

  1. Create content that helps a lot of people
  2. Create a website/platform for your followers to connect with you
  3. create a social group to connect with your followers and solve their problem
  4. create an email list of your followers and send your content to get an update 
  5. create paid ads to attract more followers/customers
  6. sell a genuine and authentic product to your customers/followers which you think it’s best for them
Integrated Digital marketing

all the steps are interconnected with each other, that is called integrated digital marketing

through this, you’re creating a value building a brand and increasing your trust value so that you can easily sell any product to your customers

this is also important for sales funnel to track maintain and manage your customers

Learning 5: Niche marketing:

When you are providing services or selling some specific product based upon your expertized that is called niche marketing

Let’s say 

You won’t open a youtube channel for this you have to select a niche depends upon your expertise and public demand in the market

These are the top 8 topics which are in trends in youtube

  • Personal Vlogging
  • Gaming.
  • Cooking and Recipes.
  • Product Reviews
  • Health and Fitness Tips
  • Traveling
  • Gadgets and Technology
  • Restaurant and Food Reviews.

From this, I will choose gadget and technology this topic

Check the volume of searches

From this, I have to choose a niche

Like mobile reviewing

Check the volume

You can easily check the power of a niche marketing

If I can convert just 10% of this customer and if my profit margin 500rs

Then I can earn (1900/10) * 500 = 96000 rs/-

Let’s check the sub-niche of the topic

 Let’s say I am the master of Redmi brand, and I am reviewing and selling Redmi note 7 pro

See how much I can earn from this

If I can convert just 10% of this customer and if my profit margin 500rs

Then I can earn (165000/10) * 500 = 82,50,000 rs/-

Almost 83lakh ….power of sub niche

Always try to choose a niche depends upon talent passion and interest

Thanks for giving your valuable time.

If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to contact.

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