Digital deepak’s internship program batch 1 Review

Let me begin by asking some straightforward questions.

 1. Why digital marketing is vital for you?

 2. Since how many years you’ve got been trying to learn/master this skill?

 3. What different channels (YouTube, Blogs, Learning on the work, etc.,) have you ever tried to induce yourself familiarised with digital marketing?

 4. how many courses/programs have you ever enrolled in?

 5. how much money have you ever spent over the years during this process?

 6. Did you get the knowledge, learnings and also the ROI you expected from each of those courses?

 7. Why it’s important for you to become an expert in digital marketing, now?

 It’s essential that you just know answers to those questions just because unless and until you’ve got a laser focussed goal and an approach plan for executing an equivalent, you’ll just go overboard spending plenty of money, energy and time on learning any skill for that matter and there’s no end to that.

 If you have come this far during this post, you’re probably interested or trying to find joining a program that might not only offer you practical training but also a Certification that could assist you in your Career or your Business.

 You are in luck as there’s the 2nd Batch of Digital Deepak’s Internship Program which is starting shortly.

 There is aiming to be a Free Webinar with details of the program which you’ll join on 5th February 2020.

 Now, let me answer those 7 questions from my experience.

 1. As someone who spent over 2 years within the corporate world as an engineer, its critical for me to know the digital marketing ecosystem because it fuels the whole business operations (lead generation, product marketing, social media marketing, etc.,)

 2. Digital marketing has always been a fascination from the time I started working and it kept changing gears per annum with the introduction of the latest platforms, algorithms changes and artistic ways of selling. it has been quite a decade that I started learning digital marketing in bit and pieces based on the requirement in my day to day activities.

 3. Like most of them, I started learning digital marketing by subscribing to a number of the well-known YouTube channels and following a couple of bloggers who know their stuff during this space. Last but not least, I learned some best strategies and techniques on the work from external marketing consultants who I take advantage of to work with.

 4. I even have enrolled in additional than a few courses not just to reinforce my understanding of how this whole works but also to implement my learnings in my job and side hustles.

 5. I need to admit that I spent a big amount of cash on the courses I bought (collectively costing 6-figures in INR).

 6. There was a particular increase in my knowledge and understanding levels before and after browsing these courses however I never had the ROI that I expected at the top of it.

 7. Becoming a digital marketing expert is very important for me than ever before as I started the year 2020 with a mission to assist a minimum of 1000 people to become healthy and get over long-term medical conditions they’re browsing naturally using “Energy Medicine” and that I strongly believe that I are able to do my goal through digital marketing which may help me reach my potential customers through various channels.

 If you read through my answers again, you’ll realize that each one of my effort in learning digital marketing has been either random, need-based or pretty directionless even after spending a big amount of your time and money on courses that promise you to form an expert at the top of it.

 It was very disappointing or I need to say heart-wrenching to understand that you simply have put in such a lot of effort for therefore little output.

 I asked myself several hundred times — “How to become a digital marketing expert without trying 100 different programs? Is there an easy and proven path to become one?”

 And the answers weren’t readily available.

 In despair, I continued learning whatever stuff I used to be need of in the standard random fashion without investing in the other paid courses.

 However, on 22nd Nov’19, something magical happened, as if my prayers were answered, I received an email from Digital Deepak about an internship program he was launching shortly.

 And the mail read like this:


 Hey Sandipan Mukherjee

 I have a remarkable announcement for you!

 We are starting a 3-month remote Digital Marketing internship and mentorship program for my students and followers.

 This is by application only.

 This is a 3-month paid program where you’ll be mentored by Digital Deepak and Sanjay Shenoy (co-founders) for the digital marketing company PixelTrack.

 We will be doing this in batches, and that we can only take limited students per batch.

 Here’s how the program will work:

 – we’ll review your application, and you’ll get an email if your application has been approved.

 – we’ll do a webinar which explains the small print of the program.

 – Once you enroll in the program, we’ll start mentoring you. you’ll do that from your home with just 2 hours per day.

 – The program has 12 weeks — 12 assignments. we’ll offer you live projects to figure on. Sometimes, you’ve got to figure on the projects as a gaggle.

 – there’ll be a weekly video conferencing involve each batch where we’ll review your assignments.

 – you can’t graduate from the program if you are doing not complete the assignments.

 – After you complete the 12-week program and every one the assignments, you’ll get an opportunity to be placed during a corporate job as an intern/employee where you’ll start making money (and in most of the cases, you’ll revisit your investment within the very first month as a salary).

 Looking forward to mentoring you personally 🙂


 Deepak Kanakaraju

 (Team PixelTrack)


 I would wish to share my review relies on this Internship Program from my very own personal experience.

 As a part of the first Batch which was launched in Mid December 2019, we’ve completed 6 weeks of the program thus far. The program has been planned meticulously step by step with a Theory session followed up by a Practical Assignment submission. Thus ensuring that theory is followed by practice and therefore the concepts are mastered. the simplest example would be this review, which may be a practical execution of launching “Landing Pages”, Automation and Mastery of Integration of Tools!

 So in some ways, it’s quite grueling together involves grips with the assorted concepts, tools, marketing automation, integrations, etc..etc…

 The Internship may be a 12-week program requiring 10 Assignments to be submitted within specified deadlines. The reward is a refund carrot for each qualified submission within deadlines.

 The Internship Program isn’t free as there’s a Program Amount to be paid upfront – however – a refund happens as described within the previous paragraph! this is often what’s unique about the program – Stick and Carrot Methodology! You pay – therefore you’re committed – and you’ll Earn back your Fee or make extra money if you’re diligent along with your learning and execution. this is often the Unique USP of the program!!

 So don’t giving up of this chance – Register immediately for the Free Launch Webinar to find out more:

 Hurry! Register Immediately for the Feb 5th Free Launch Webinar!

 In my humble opinion, there’s no other internship opportunity or a digital marketing course out there which may compare to helping you apply whatever you’re learning (courtesy weekly assignments) from the live weekly classes which way albeit you’re an entire newbie or a beginner during this space, you’re getting enough time to know the concept and apply an equivalent within the assignment.

 The next batch launch webinar is occurring shortly and if you ever searched for a Digital Marketing Program or Internship that teaches you ways to use the concepts in real-world instead of dumping theoretical concepts into your head left-right and center, then act, fill out the shape on this page and register for this FREE launch webinar for the upcoming batch.

 And by the way, if you discover yourself as an intern within the next batch, congratulations. Give yourself a pat on your back for taking a life-transforming decision that will offer you the digital marketing career you’ve got been awaiting these years.

 I will attempt to answer these to my best.

 Am I eligible to join?

 Of course, yes. There are not any criteria to join yet. But maybe Deepak will conduct a pre-evaluation test for subsequent batch thanks to the interest and high demand to join. It’s tough to manage thousands of individuals during a single batch, right?.

 How is that the course?

 Just one word: Priceless. you ought to have known the solution already from my post.

 What are the duration and the way many sessions?

 Three months in total. 12 classes and 10 assignments.

 Why should I select it? Why do you have to not join?

If you actually want to require your digital marketing skillset to the subsequent level, then don’t consider . you’ll be a subsequent success story.

 How is that this Internship different from others?

 This program gave a special aiming to the word “Internship” itself, then the program is. I can say confidently that you simply will never see such a high completion rate anywhere else.

 I am working full-time, does one thing I can manage time for Internship?

 I have each day job AND a part-time job, If a mean guy like me can roll in the hay, why not you?

How many hours every week, I want to spend?

 It depends on the assignment, really. you’ll need a max of 4 to five hours to offer your best without rushing things.

 How tough are the assignments?

 As Deepak says, “awkwardness is an indicator of learning.” Don’t believe the assignments being tough. believe the result you’ll be achieving.

 Is the fee I’m paying worth it?

 This question should differ. Why are you charging way less amount for such a priceless program?

Is it only about Content Writing?

 Nope. Content is the core of selling. But this program will cover every aspect of selling.

 I am entirely new to Digital Marketing. Will I be ready to learn?

 Most percent of the interns in our current batch are beginners. So, it shouldn’t be a drag.

 How much money am I able to make by the top of the course?

 We can’t really provide a quantified account. It depends on your work ethics. But this program will offer you all the skill-sets to assist you to create money.

 Will I buy employment needless to say after finishing the Internship?

 There is a high chance you’ll get employment provided you give your best as if there’s no next time. Period.

 What would be the price?

 Definitely, it won’t be 10k. it’ll be slightly above 10k.

 I guess I even have just about — covered everything. I might say, don’t hesitate anymore, take action. When it involves investing, nothing can pay off quite educating yourself.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Franklin

 If you join through my link, you’ll get the subsequent bonuses.

 1. I’ll gift you a copy of one amazing book.

 2. I can guide you personally within the next internship program and share my knowledge with you whenever you face any issues. I would like to assure you that I do know my stuff and can assist you in the best way possible. I can personally assist you with all of your assignments and clarify your doubts if you join through my referral link.

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