Nowadays YouTube is the second most important and largest search engine in the world. So focus on your Youtube Optimization. Google is the parent company of YouTube. YouTube is now growing constantly in a very fast way. YouTube can grow a brand or even a single person can grow with the help of a YouTube channel. Nowadays people use YouTube for promoting products and services.

Also used for advertising, showcasing their talent, published their vlogs, and much more things. If you have a YouTube channel you should go for search engine optimization for your YouTube channel to rank in YouTube’s search engine result page.

For YouTube Search Engine Optimization or SEO is used for increasing the rank in search result page (SERP). YouTube search engine optimization includes your YouTube optimization channel, metadata, playlists, description, and the title. To increase the clicks and views you should consider the YouTube SEO methods.

There are too many factors to rank your YouTube channel and videos.

These are the main factors that have a great impact on YouTube SEO

  • Watch time: Watch time refers to how long a person stays on your page and watches your video.
  • Video length: The perfect length of a YouTube video is around 10 minutes. You can make your video about 7 minutes or 12 minutes but not the length of 2 minutes or 20 minutes.
  • The number of subscribers: YouTube channels are lead with the number of subscribers, it builds stronger authority to appear search engines. Your subscription base decided the success of your YouTube channel.
  • User interaction: Share, comment, like and subscribe, YouTube optimization always focus on these ranking aspect. These things help your YouTube channel and videos to rank on the search engine result page.

By considering the above points you should smartly plan the YouTube SEO strategy to get more subscribers and views.Among many tips and tricks of YouTube SEO,

Here are 7 ways for YouTube optimization for your youtube page SEO

1.Place the right keyword:

The metadata of the video’s on-page view is a very important part of your YouTube SEO. Strategically placed keywords in the title of the video can works wonders. When someone searches for any video, one of the first things that they see is the title. That is why your video’s titles are should be clear and make sure that it has the right keyword to meet the audience’s needs. Right keywords can play an important role in the title of your videos, it will help your video to rank on the search engine result page. You should also use those keywords in the description box of the video.

2.Fill the About Us page:

The about us of YouTube is very important as it is an essential part of YouTube SEO. It will increase the visibility and recognition of your channel. Its a great boost for Youtube Optimization way. It’s a concise way to tell your viewers about what type of videos you publish. Add right keywords through the description. You should also use the call-to-action button for the subscription. You should add your brand’s logo in the image section or a high-quality photo of yours, choose and relevant channel name.

3. Customize the thumbnails of your videos:

The thumbnail is the main image of your YouTube video which the audience can see while scrolling down the list of video search results. Apart from the title of the video, the thumbnail can also provide a clear idea about the content. A customized and attractive thumbnail can increase the number of views and clicks. By optimizing the thumbnail image of your video you can gain more views. Using high-quality and attractive images can easily make people click on that video and you can count one more view. It will look much professional and appealing.

4. Be consistent:

To compete with other YouTube channels and to get a place on the search engine result page, you have to maintain the consistency of posting videos. If you publish your videos after a huge gap, your audience might forget about you and switch to your competitor’s YouTube channel. To hold your audience base and engage them you should publish your videos regularly with interesting and viral content.

5. Create your playlist: 

Having a video playlist also helps to increase your views and clicks. You should create separate playlists for your YouTube videos. Post your videos accordingly in these playlists. If someone likes your one specific video then that person can go to the playlist and check out other relevant videos too. Now YouTube highly promoting playlists. You can create your playlist according to date, video type, and topic. A playlist can help your viewers easily find out a video. It’s also a great contribute to your Youtube Optimization.

6. Add a great description:

A great video description will help your YouTube video in many ways. The more detailed your video description is, the more you able to rank on the search engine result page for relevant searches. Use relevant and long-tail keywords in the description box of your YouTube video. Many people often write only a few sentences in the description. You should not do that kind of mistake. Use long-tail keywords to write your video’s description box.

7. Provide translation:

You can provide English or any other language translation in your YouTube video. It is the most effective way to globalize your YouTube video. It allows the other language viewers to enjoy your video with the help of subtitles. In this way, you can gain the different language viewers also. It will also help your video to rank in other language search engine result pages. 


By following these 7 tips you can easily do YouTube Optimization for your channel and get a better result. If you have a YouTube channel you must follow these tips. Without huge subscribers and views, there is no use of a YouTube channel. The SEO of your YouTube channel can help you to gain more subscribers, more views, likes, revenue, better brand awareness, and lots of other things, a successful YouTube channel requires all of these things.


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